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Solitary Man (Cash Johnny)

Emi Ami G Ami G 1. Belinda was mine, till the time that I found her Ami G Ami Emi Holding Jim, and loving him Emi Ami G Ami G Then Sue came along, loved me strong, that's what I thought Ami G Ami G Me and Sue,but that died too G C G D R: Dont know that I will but until I can find me A girl who will stay and won't play games behind me D Emi I'll be what I am D Emi D Emi A solitary man Emi Ami G Ami 2. I've had it to here, being where love's a small word G Ami G Ami A part time thing, a paperring Emi Ami G Ami I know its been done, having one girl who loved me G Ami G Ami Right or wrong, weak got strong