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Strawberry Cake (Cash Johnny)

In New York city just walking the street Ran out of money had nothing to eat I stopped at the Plaza, that fancy hotel Where you can check in if you?re well to do well? The first of July and a hundred and four I stopped at the Plaza?s front revolving door I stepped in the door and went around for a ride Treatin? myself to the cool air inside Then I found myself in a chandeliered room Where people were dining and I hid in the gloom My hunger pains hurt ?til I thought I would break When a waiter brought out a big strawberry cake Oh that strawberry cake Oh that strawberry cake Out in California them berries were grown And into this city them berries were flown For making that strawberry cake Then I thought of Oxnard, just north of LA Where I picked strawberries for many a day Hard work with no future for the harvest was done And I headed eastward a-travelin? by thumb And nobody wanted me here in this town I felt like a stray dog they all kick around Them berries reminded me of my bad breaks I?m hungry and I want that strawberry cake I deserve that strawberry cake Deserve that strawberry cake I ran and I grabbed it then out the side door Into Central Park through the bushes I tore Holdin? my strawberry cake I look back behind me and what do I see The chef and headwaiter and the maître d I had a nice helpin? of cake as I ran I gobble them berries as fast as I can They?re closin? the gap as I slowed down to eat But the cake brought a new surge of power to my feet I hid in the bush when the lead I did take And I quietly finished my strawberry cake I ate all that strawberry cake That fine fancy strawberry cake Someone at the plaza is without dessert But for the first time in days now my belly don?t hurt I?m full of strawberry cake