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Tennessee Stud (Cash Johnny)

A 1. Back about eighteen and twenty-five G I left Tennessee very much alive A I never would`ve made it through the Arkansas mud E A If I hadn`t been riding on the Tennessee Stud Had some trouble with my sweetheart`s pa One of her brothers was a bad outlaw I write a letter to my uncle Fudd And I rode away on the Tennessee Stud A G A R: The Tennessee Stud was long and lean D C E The color of the sun and his eyes were green A He had the nerve and he had the blood E A There never was a horse like Tennessee Stud 2. Drifted on down into no man's land Across the river called the Rio Grande Raced my horse with the Spaniard's foe Til I got me a skin full of silver and gold Me and the gambler, we couldn't agree We got in a fight over Tennessee Pulled our guns and he fell with a thud And I rode away on a Tennessee Stud R: The Tennessee Stud was long and lean... 3. I rode right back across Arkansas I whupped her brother and I whupped her Pa I found that girl with the golden hair She was riding on a Tennessee Mare Pretty little baby on the cabin floor Little horse colt playing round the door I loved the girl with the golden hair And the Tennessee Stud loves the Tennessee Mare R: The Tennessee Stud was long and lean...