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The Fourth Man In The Fire (Cash Johnny)

E B7 R: They wouldn't bend E They held on to the will of God so we are told B7 They wouldn't bow E They would not bow their knees to Idols made of gold B7 They wouldn't burn E They were protected by the Fourth Man in the fire A They wouldn't bend B7 E They wouldn't bow, they wouldn't burn. E 1. Now the prophet Daniel tells about A Three men who walked with God B7 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego E Before the wicked king they stood And the king commanded them bound and thrown A Into the fiery furnace that day B7 But the fire was so hot that the men were slain E That forced them on their way. E R: They wouldn't bend... 2. Now when the three were cast in and the king rose up To witness this awful fate He began to tremble at what he saw In astonished tones he spake Did we not cast three men bound Into the midst of the fire Well, Lo, I see four men unhurt Unbound and walkin' down there; There's Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego And the fiery coals they trod But the form of the Fourth Man that I see Is like the Son of God; R: They wouldn't bend...