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We Are The Shepherds (Cash Johnny)

So here is the stable and there is the manger The new Saviour sleeps on his first earthly night The wise men brought riches but we brought a candle It's all that we have but it gives a good light We are the shepherds we walked cross the mountains We left our flocks when the new star appeard Oh the beautiful singin' of heavenly choir We had to come see him we had to come here We beg you forgive us for such a small offering But our sheep are out there with wolves in the night We bring you this candle it's all we have with us But with it the new Saviour has his first light We are the shepherds... We thank Thee kind Joseph for bidding us enter Please take our gift for the new babe to thine 'Tis only one candle but it is our symbol Of how we believe that his great life will shine We are the shepherds...