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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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White Girl (Cash Johnny)

I am stunned and I am broken and my head is in my hand For she who said she love me will not wed an Indian man My Gods who were wild ridden stand quiet by my side For although I loved her she would not be my bride Oh goodbye softly sweet one it was splended while it ran Goodbye my bitter white girl I'll forget you if I can She came up to the pueblo with her bright blonde hair They told me not to love her but I did not care She took me to her parties she carried me around And I was a proud one the tallest man in town For I found great wonder all wrapped in brilliant dreams I held her strong but gentle as kings have held their queens I learned to drink strong whiskey as she took me here and there Until life without my whiskey I could not bear Oh goodbye softly sweet one... [ guitar ] Well when she came to leave me she took me by the arm And she said she loved me and would not do me harm But she would not marry not an Indian she said She thanked me for my offer and I wished that I was dead Now I'm back among my people and they are kind to me Although I'm sad with staggers when I drink that tough whiskey For I've been a white girl's pet a captive Indian Shown off and discarded just a drunk who might have been Oh goodbye softly sweet one... Goodbye softly sweet one...