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727 East Magnolia Avenue (Rogers Kenny)

?727 East Magnolia Avenue? You won?t believe where I was today Something made my car go a different way Before I knew it I was back in time at our old address Sitting in the drive And I could see you in my football jersey raking leaves I could see me hanging lights on our first Christmas tree I could see us nail those numbers on the door that afternoon At 727 East Magnolia Avenue They added on where we thought we would You always said it would sure look good They cut down that tree we were afraid would fall Looks like they picked up right where we left off I could see you out there on the deck soaking up the sun I could see me chasing you around with a water gun I could see us there together Seemed the sky was always blue At 727 East Magnolia Avenue If I could make one wish Oh, I?d relive my life with you At 727 East Magnolia Avenue Song sung by Kenny Rogers From the album, "Back to the Well" (2003)