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A Love Song (Rogers Kenny)

A love song Why do people cry When they hear the word goodbye In a love song? Tears are sure to fall When you know they gave it all In a love song. Somehow two lovers get a chance At a beautiful romance And you wish it could be you. ?cause everybody?s needing what the singers all are singing in a love song. It can tear you apart ?cause a word can break a heart in a love song. They say all the things you feel And they make it sound so real In a love song. It seems that everything they say Is said in such a way That we believe it?s true. ?cause everybody?s needing ? Each of us know there?s no guarantee we?ll ever find love. And in the songs that we share The heartache is there To remind us. New love brings a thrill And we know it always will In a love song. Happiness can leave But it helps if we believe In a love song. There?s a part of you and me In every memory That tells us who we are. And everybody?s needing ?