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Crazy in love (Rogers Kenny)

Crazy in love. Ain?t funny how time Steals the feeling from a love affair And there?s no place to lay the blame ?cos in any case, oh, no one cares helplessly we just watched it fade away neither will admit it are we both aching to say. We, you, I miss the days when we were crazy in love When you were so sure of me, I had my little jealousy. We, you, bring back the days when we were crazy in love I wanna feel that way again, remember when we were crazy in love. I know it used to be so easy One touch and I was high And I could get intoxicated Just by looking in your eyes Oh, baby ain?t there anything we can do ?cos I know you?re missing me as much as I?ve been missing you. We, you, ? Girl, we were more than best of friends We were crazy in love.