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Didn't We? (Rogers Kenny)

I think of all the times, I needed you And you would come to me, ?cos you wanted too And we built the fire that would last thro? the night Still be burnin? in the morning light. Oh, it must?ve had a thousand ways Of takin? our breath away We took a chance or two, didn?t we? And made some mountains move, oh, didn?t we? From out of the blue storm clouds came And it started rainin?, we just let it rain Oh, it must?ve been a careless love Oh, it had to be a careless love Satin sheets, and no regrets We had it baby, we had the best, didn?t we?. And every now and then I let my feelings show And tho? takes me a while Just to let you go ?cos you were more than a lover and more than a friend never before and never again. Oh, it must?ve been ? Oh, it ought to be ?you and me? Oh, we had a good, didn?t we? Didn?t we, didn?t we?