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Fighting fire with fire (Rogers Kenny)

Fighting fire with fire. You came here on purpose, in front of me, Diana To be seen with some other man You?re wanting me to watch him, enjoy the freedom You?re letting him take with his hands. Did you tell or must I tell him, Diana Does it matter to that kind of man? Any place he touches or kisses, Diana Is some place I?ve already been. You know you?re fighting fire with fire Over something that broke us apart At least I was hiding and trying, Diana To keep it from breaking your heart. You must?ve been crazy, for taking advantage Of the fact that you weren?t around But she was so soft and pretty And she made a promise, never to utter a sound. Can you tell or must I tell you, Diana It?s a heart burning hell that I?m in And any place he touches or kisses, Diana I?d gladly crawl back there again. You know ?