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Goodbye Marie (Rogers Kenny)

Goodbye Marie I woke up this mornin' All cotton- mouthed from drinkin' Wonderin' how I'd make it through the day Wild eyed and crazy All burned out from thinkin' Wonderin' how the hell I's gonna say. Goodbye Marie, oh goodbye Marie Out the window there's a lonesome highway callin' me It was fun Marie, but I got to run Marie If I can not keep your love At least I'll have your memory Goodbye Marie. Wakin' up beside you On a Tijuana mornin' With that ocean breeze to keep us cool Three weeks of lovin' Twenty-one nights of heaven I stayed just long enough to be your fool. Oh goodbye Marie, ? Por favor, pour me One more tequila I need all the courage I can find This time tomorrow I'll be back in Houston Thinkin' about the girl I left behind. So goodbye Marie, ?.