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Heart to Heart (Rogers Kenny)

Heart to heart What we?re looking at here is a harder situation Let me make it quite clear There must be no hesitation Either you?re with me or you?re not Are we gonna lose a love we got? When I called you last night Words got tangled in the wires It was hanging me up Wondering which one was the liar But if you want honesty from me This is the way it?s got to be, ooh Heart to heart we should be Like a melody in harmony Heart to heart, can?t you see We?re a rhapsody, baby, you and me Heart to heart, heart to heart to heart. Open your eyes Can?t you see that you?re in danger Say it goodbye, turning lovers into strangers We?d be fools if let this go And all we gotta do is let the feelings flow, ooh. Heart to heart ? Hurting one another is the easy thing to do You turn your back on love and walk away We can make it right, we can start tonight If you only knew it?s right before your eyes When will you realize?