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I Do it For Your Love (Rogers Kenny)

I do it for your love I?m not sentimental, no one calls me tender I keep my emotions safe inside But I?ve never felt these feelings And time just keeps revealing A part of me I can no longer hide The moment that I kissed your lips I found a whole new world exists Look what you?ve done with my life. If I write your name a thousand times Inside a heart next to mine Act like a fool whose faith is blind Whatever I do, I do it for your love. I?m not one for flowers Or talking on the phone for hours Fancy words have never been my game An answered prayer I never prayed That came true anyway Now I know I?ll never be the same. If I light a candle in the night To see the reflexion in your eyes You don?t even need to ask me why Whatever I do, I do it for your love. I write your name ...