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I don't call him daddy (Rogers Kenny)

It was six in the morning When I made the county line There's someone I got to talk to I can't get it off my mind He's just a kid And he's in a pretty rough spot Two dimes to make a phone call That's about all I've got How's my boy today? I know it's been three weeks But you know how far I've got to go These days to make ends meet How's your mama now With her new live-in friend Oh how I hate the wounds That never seem to mend Chorus And he says I don't call him daddy but he takes care of things When you pick me up on Friday Are you gonna bring me anything? Oh don't worry dad ya know It don't matter what we do I don't call him daddy He could never be like you Never be like you God bless their little hearts They're the ones who really pay When mom and dad can't get along And go their separate ways In a way I'm glad there's someone There to fill the empty SPACE Tears of understanding Streak down a dirty face Chorus He is quite a little man Growing up as fast as he can And I don't get to see him Half as much as I had planned There's so much I need to tell him So precious little time A little rain on the window And a little wave goodbye Chorus 2X