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I Prefer the Moonlight (Rogers Kenny)

I Prefer the Moonlight When temptin' eyes 'cross the room Said to me I'd love to be with you I'm not tempted for a moment I just think about my woman My baby calls me on the phone Telling me I need to hurry home Well the hurryin' is easy 'Cause she's waiting up With all the love I'm needin' I prefer the moonlight, and a blanket And the one right little lady by my side That's what I like I prefer a late drive down the turnpike With the moonlight shinin' so bright Got her by my side That's what I'd like When its magic moment time, I prefer the moonlight The river plays a quiet song She and I lay down and play along She's her mother's lovely daughter Moonlight dances on the water The moon is full and so am I I look at her and feel like I could cry But my tears contain no sorrow 'Cause I know she'll wake up by my side tomorrow I prefer... Mornin' noon and night, When the feelin' comes around Somewhere in some sky That ol' moon is surely shinin' bright I prefer...