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I Won't Forget (Rogers Kenny)

I won't forget It might?ve been a Saturday night It ain?t clear it was so long ago It was somewhere across the county line A dance or a party I don?t know But I do know you looked like an angel And your eyes were the color of your dress. There?s a million things I don?t remember But that?s the one thing that I won?t forget. It might?ve been a Saturday night It was either my folks car or yours I know that we went to some drive-in What was playing that night I?m not sure But I am sure you whispered you loved me As my lips softly pressed against your neck. There?s a million ... After a while I guess we agreed We had wings we needed to test Somehow we talked ourselves out of love That such close to love as I?ve gotten yet. It was 2:21 on a Sunday And I found myself standing in the rain You blew me a kiss through the window As your greyhound was pulling away Inside I was dying to stop you I should?ve listened to my heart And not my head. There?s a million ...