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If You Want To Find Love (Rogers Kenny)

He was sitting on a bar stool A picture from a cheating song She?d been standing at the jukebox Dropping quarters all night long. He said, tell me: are you lonely? Is there some place we can go? She said: cowboy, you know I?m lonely But there?s something you should know: If you wanna find gold Go looking in the mountains If you wanna find silver Go digging in stones If you wanna find heaven Go reading in the Bible If you wanna find love Go looking at home. She touched the gold ring on his finger She held it to the jukebox light And she said. Stranger, think what you?re losing If you leave here with me tonight. So he hold her body closer She felt feelings she?d never known And he said: thank you, for the lesson And if you need me I?ll be at home. If you wanna find gold?