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I'll Be There For You (Rogers Kenny)

I`LL BE THERE FOR YOU I´ll be there for you You don`t have to feel alone Like a shadow by your side I`ll be with you right or wrong. You stumble and you fall But you can always lean on me I`ll be there to see you through I`ll be there for you. I`ll be there for you When your dreams seem far away Even in the darkest night You can face the world unafraid. And if you close your eyes You will feel me next to you No matter what you`re going through I`ll be there for you. Here today, here tomorrow Through the joy, laughter and sorrow You`re in my heart, we're kindred souls If you could read my mind You`d know ... I`ll be there for you The one who comes to your rescue I`m the one you`ll never leave I`ll be there for you No matter what ...