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Life Is Good, Love Is Better (Rogers Kenny)

Life is good, love is better Life is a hustle, every day struggle Pushing your way at the top Gotta keep it on track and never look back And no, you don?t dare stop. There?s someone behind you keeping an eye on you Hoping you take a fall, a lady, she?s liked to see me more But I can?t slow down at all. She says: wow, I need some time alone I say: no, we gotta keep pushing on She said: life is good, love is better ? My daddy, he always preached to me You gotta reach for the sky Make rain while the sun is shining Boy, don?t let it pass you by Money and power is in your hand You can do what you wanna be Oh, my baby, she?s got a different philosophy. She says: ?. Now I know my sweet lady must be heaven sent I just cover the meaning of what she meant I?ve been working so hard for the good life but I headed all the while I?ve found my hiding treasure, baby, right there in this smile. I say: wow, seems we?ve spent time alone I say: wow, how our love has grown She was right all alone I say: life is good, love is better ?