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Listen to the rain ( from 1990 ) (Rogers Kenny)

Listen to the rain (1990) ( Ewing / Sampson ) Listen to the rain There?s something in the rhythm Something so inviting in the music that it makes As it whispers on the window Like a voice inside my heart I hear it begging me to stay How can we deny There is anything but right Just listen, listen to the rain. Listen to your heart Tell me what you need I can feel it beating as it thunders in the dark As the storm outside grows stronger I can?t take it any longer Let me hold you in my arms And let the passion rage There?s no need to be afraid Just listen, listen to the rain.. Flashes of desire fill the sky As I watch the lighting dance within your eyes And the rain just keeps on playing as refrain Oh, echo in the love we just made While we listen. Listen to the rain It hasn?t quite stopped falling And the distant wind is calling as we slowly drift away Baby, close your eyes, and here is lullaby Just listen, listen to the rain. How can we deny ?