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Love Is Strange (Rogers Kenny)

Love is strange Lots of people take it for a game Once you get it you never want to quit After you've had it Your in an awful fit Your sweet lovin is better Then a kiss When you leave me Sweet kisses I miss Hey, you sexy thing How do call your love girl? I say lover girl And if she doesn't answer I say you'd better come here lover girl And if she still doesn't answer Well then it's Baby whoa baby, baby baby baby baby ... You're the one Tell me something How do you call your lover boy? I say come here lover boy Oh, but what if he doesn't answer I say, Ah come here love boy But what if he still doesn't answer I simply say, Baby, oh my baby Don't tease me like My sweet baby You're the one Now who could resist that? When you call your lover girl Do you ever do that growl thing? You mean like Baby my sweey baby You know that growl thing? My sweet baby Well how do you call your lover boy? Well I just do it all kinds of ways Do you ever just let it all hang out Well, uh, yes I do and I say Oh baby ooh my sweet baby Oh my baby your the one