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Love Like This (Rogers Kenny)

Love like this Is it still love when we no longer touch?, passing white sheets in the night, love goes unspoken, we don?t say a word, we simply turn out the lights. Lost in the silence but still I can hear, the sound of my own breaking heart, I can?t pretend that my world isn?t falling apart. And I don?t wanna go thro? love like this, ?cos I won?t ever know what I might have missed. I wanna burn with desire, I want to feel the fire when we kiss, but I don?t wanna go thro? love like this. I still remember the taste of your skin, the sound of you saying my name, the way that it felt as we laid in the sand, and passion came crashing like waves. The wind of your laughter, the longing, the love lead us to lacking inside There must be some way for lovers to turn the trash. ?Cos I don?t wanna go ? Like strangers living like two people who?d never known what is like to be loved. I want to burn with desire; I want to feel the fire of every kiss But I don?t wanna go thro? love, No, I?m not gonna go thru love, I?m not willing to go thru love like this.