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Momma's Waiting (Rogers Kenny)

As I drive towards home I picture Momma waiting She?ll be glad to see her big time boy come home She gets little in return for all she?s given And I?m all she?s got to love since Daddy?s gone. Now I?m forty miles away and I?m still wonderin? Why I ever told her I was doing well When I first went wrong I should have turned to Momma But it?s hard to get back up once you have fell. Chorus: It?s the last time I?ll see flowers in the morning It?s the last time I?ll hear robins in the spring It?s the last time I?ll feel Momma?s arms around me It?s the last chance here on earth I?ll have to sing. As I drive away behind me Momma?s waving To a son who?s all he?d ever hoped he?d be Now she?ll say her final prayers, ?And go, meet Daddy? And I?m glad she?s only seen one side of me. Today makes thirteen years in Coleman?s Federal Prison And tonight I?ll walk my last few steps alone But I can?t help thinking somewhere Momma?s waiting Once again to see her big time boy come home. Chorus