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One Man's Woman (Rogers Kenny)

She?s got dinner on the table at seven The kids are tucked in bed by nine-fifteen And she?s headed for a hotel at eleven To meet a man her family?s never seen. As the elevator takes her to her lover She thinks about his wife at home asleep And she knows it must be painful to discover That the man you love?s not always yours to keep. Well, she?s one man?s bride And she?s one man?s on the side She wonders why it takes two men To keep her satisfied. She?s a hard workin? house-wife Right now she?s occupied She?s one man?s woman And one man?s on the side Yes, she?s one man?s woman And one man?s on the side. She thinks about her husband when it?s over But she justifies her love affair somehow She knows it can?t go on like this forever But she takes it all from day to day for now.