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Real Love (With Dolly Parton) (Rogers Kenny)

REAL LOVE DUET WITH DOLLY PARTON WRITERS RICHARD ?PADYBRANNON DAVID MALLOY They say that it's a matter of trusting before love has a chance to begin And it's never simple, faithless hearts can cripple And only a strong love survives I know they say that it's a fine line between giving up and giving in But once your heart's been in it you just can't forget it It's like nothing that you've felt in your life Chorus: We got real love, not infatuation Real love, our hearts' celebration I love you Real love, not an imitation Real love, you're my destination Baby, you and me, we got everything we need You are such a part of my life that I can't remember me without you And we've had our nights, we've had our share of fights But we've never thought of giving it up Oh, you and I we must be dreamers 'Cause we're making our dreams come true I could spend my life just holding you so tight And never, ever get enough Repeat Chorus We got real love Repeat Chorus