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Saying Goodbye (Rogers Kenny)

Saying goodbye I watched every sun up Comin' over my tin cup Seen every moon changin' While I slept with the sky Felt the chill in the north wind Find holes that I can't mend This West Texas cowboy is wrestless again. Campfire light dancin' On the smiles of some good friends Wearin' the hard times In the lines on their faces Now the seasons are changin' And it's time I was leavin' 'Cause this West Texas cowboy is wrestless again. So I'm sayin' goodbye-ye, ridin' away Sayin' goodbye-ye again I'm wishin' you well, miss you until I come back again next year. Let's sing of the good days And drink to the ladies Till the whisky's all gone And their pleasure is mine Come sit here beside me Sweet lullaby me This West Texas cowboy is wrestless again?.