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Somebody help me (Rogers Kenny)

Morning sunshine through the curtain Throws a Rorschach on my wall Waking up wide asleep I try unraveling it all By all rights I should be dead From this bullet hole in my head Oddly enough I seem to be alive Greatly dismayed I discover That the feel under the covers With the red toe walks Can possibly be mine. Won´t somebody help me? You´ve got to help me Because wine and too much wine And a female friend of mine Rode a Mustang through my mind last night. It was a Saturday, I don´t matter day We were drinking at the old Red Log And another and another With my long lost brother ´til the room began to fog then a fine looking woman walked by looked me in the eye heaved a sigh and took me by surprise I said: ?sit down and take your place Of my long lost brother ace? Who had just caved in And passed out on the floor. Won´t somebody help me? ....