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Sweet Little Jesus Boy (Rogers Kenny)

(Swee-ee-ee-eet) Sweet... little Jesus boy-oy-oy They made You be born in a manger-er Swee-ee-ee-eet little Ho-oly chi-i-ld They didn't know who You were Didn't know You'd come to save us Lord To take our sins away Our eyes were bli-i-ind And we could not see-ee We didn't know-ow who-oo You were A long time ago-o You were bor-orn in a manger, Lor-ordd Sweet little Je-esus Boy (Sweet Jesus boy) Now the world treated You mean, Lor-ord And it's been treatin' me mean too But that's how things are done now, yeah-eah (Swee-ee-eet) We didn't know it was You You done told us how And we are a-tryin' Master, You done showed us how (how-ow-ow) Even when you were dyin' (when you were dyin') It just seems like we can't do right (do right) Look how we treated you, yeah-eah Please, please, forgive us Lord... We didn't know it was you Sweet little Jesus boy-oy (Sweet little Je-esu-us) Born a long time ago-o Swee-ee-ee-eet little Holy chi-i-ild We didn't know who-oo You were