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The Kind Of Fool Love Makes (Rogers Kenny)

Anyone can read the signs Or the writing on the wall It?s all right there to see Except someone like me Who can?t see the truth at all. It takes a special kind of fool To stand out in the rain Somewhere in between Nothing left to lose And nothing to be gained. What kind of fool does it take? To go on loving alone Like there?s some answer in the ruins Some silver lining to be found. An even bigger fool might think You would care if my heart breaks Before the time that I admit I?m just the kind of fool love makes. A wiser one would see Nothing?s gonna change There?s a time for giving up A time for letting go To learn from our mistakes. But I keep holding on to hope In spite of everything I know What kind of fool ?. It takes a bigger fool to think That the dawn will never break On this day that I admit I?m just the kind of fool love makes.