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These Chains (Rogers Kenny)

These chains. These chains won?t keep me from being a free man Doing what I can to get out of here, and these chains won?t keep me from seeing my freedom, changing my name and starting over again. I was a fool for a good looking woman, ?til I found out the hard way, there was some out of me Now what else could I do, how could any one blame me, to stand in this smile and with a gun in his hands. These chains won?t ... She had a known reputation but I paid no attention, good love and affection can make anything right But judged no mercy for my infatuation, she said: killers are sinned boys, you?ve gotta pay the price. These chains won?t ... Down the hole there?s a window You can barely see thro? it Deep in the night I see The lights of town And started me thinking that a mystical ladder is as high as these walls and I?m climbing it run by run. These chains won?t ...