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Two Heart, One Love (Rogers Kenny)

Two hearts, one love I wish you were with me tonight Right here in my arms It?s hard to put my mind to rest Not knowing where you are. The city lights have a thousand eyes That follow in the stares It?s midnight now and I hope tonight I?m dead. Why did I say those words I said? When I knew that they were wrong That living look into your face You were as good as gone. I paid the price with only this I need you to return How long must my soul inside me burn? I don?t wanna lose you somewhere in the night I don?t wanna use you we should make it right ?Cos that?s the way that it?s supposed to be It should be as a stare of you and me Two hearts, one love. I wonder what you?re thinking of I hope I?m on your mind You know I?m crazy for you, babe And I?m the jealous kind. So take away my doubts and fears And tell me where you are We?ve come too far to let love fall apart. I don?t wanna ? So please, don?t let our love just come undone We gotta get back where we started from Two hearts, one love. I don?t wanna ?