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Walk away (Rogers Kenny)

Walk away. They say love will win in the end Hold him close and surely he?ll be What if its heartaches break you again Walk away, baby, walk away. It takes more than just one to provide Why forgive him just to keep it alive ?cos when its hurts are done, cry out this time just walk away, baby, walk away. Think of me once in a while I held this old dream, you see And there?s a path that leads to my door And a home for a refugee. Don?t feel guilty for foolish desires It ain?t easy to drown a fierce fire Cry will lead you to something much higher Walk away, baby, walk away. And darling, please, forget me not Bring out your tears to me ?cos through the years I never spoke out and finally I?m begging, please. If he cries out, love me once more Just turn around, go on and open the door Save your dream, score the one you adore And walk away, baby, walk away. Walk away, baby, walk away Just walk away, baby, walk away.