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What About Me? (Rogers Kenny)

I see you here with me I've waited all my life for someone like you someone to give my heart and soul to. I look into your eyes your love for me was such a welcome surprise I think at last I've found forever. Oh, What about me? ( I always need you )... you were my love before but I need so much more of you. Time after time I feel I'm losing my mind or maybe this is what lovers must go through It never entered my mind we could be wasting our time what am I gonna do? What about me?, oh, What about me?. No reason to pretend true love affairs don't have to come to an end the moment we don't have all the answers. I nearly go insane ( oh, I go insane ) each and every time I hear you whisper my name ( I feel the same ) when I'm around you. But what about me? ( I'll always need you ) oh, what about me? ( I'll always need you ) this is so hard for me I wanted so much to be with you. Time after time....