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What I Did for Love (Rogers Kenny)

What I did for love Everybody?s heart is torn and tattered Mine was not designed for giving up ?cos all I?ve ever done that really matters It?s what I did for love. So count me with the wound and the shaking Even when I?m barely standing up I?ve tried to offer more than I have taken It?s what I did for love. What I did for love, what I did for love And I hope that you can see All that love they?ve done for me And when they sit and list the reasons I?ve existed I?m afraid it won?t add up to very much ?cos I?ve gathered all I had and gladly rested that?s what I did for love. What I did for love, ? Some day I?ll make silently surrender This old heart has finally had enough But I hope that I will always be remembered For what I did for love.