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You Gotta Be Tired (Rogers Kenny)

As a child, mama told me all about You And all the things You?ve done I wondered all these years how You kept goin? And had the strength to carry on She said You?d always be beside me To help me up if I should fall If I get lost You?ll always find me And all I have to do is call When Moses cried for help to free his people You opened up the mighty sea When David said, ?He sure looks big, Lord!?, You said, ?Here?s a stone and you?ve got Me!? And when Daniel said, ?The lions are gonna get me Lord!? You said, ?Get down, get down on your knees.? And in six short days You made the world we live in, And still You find the time for me. Oh, You stayed up forty days and forty nights Makin? all that rain And when You see us messin? up this world You love so much That?s gotta bring pain If I was big enough, and strong enough to help you, Lord, I would But I can?t You gotta be tired, Lord You gotta be tired