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You Made Me Feel Love (Rogers Kenny)

You made me feel love. I said: yes, I?ve been blessed I couldn?t begin to count the times I said, baby, do you know how good you made me feel I hear you say you do I know it?s all because of you that I have watched my life turned inside out, yes, and I have watched you became from one thing I can?t live without. You made me feel love, you made me feel love like I never felt in love before... You made me feel love And you made me believe in love Like I never thought ( that ) I could believe, and you made me feel love like I never felt love before. I said: yes, yes I knew The night I was introduced to you Darling, do you remember that night as well as I do You closed your eyes and smiled As we rode back to the time When I touched your hand and We floated all into space And all those people down there Looking up at us and saying: Hey, how you get that feeling that way. You made me feel love ...