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You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (Rogers Kenny)

You never close your eyes anymore When I kiss your lips And there?s no tenderness like before In your finger?s tips You?re tryin? hard not to show it, baby But baby, baby I know it. You?ve lost that lovin? feeling Oh, oh that lovin? feeling You?ve lost that lovin? feeling Now it?s gone, gone, gone, oh, oh, oh. Now there?s no welcome look In your eyes when I reach for you And now you?re startin? to criticize Little things I do It makes me just feel like cryin?, baby ?cos baby, something beautiful?s dyin?. You?ve lost .. And I can?t go on, oh, oh, oh. Baby, baby I?d get down on my knees for you If you would only love me like you used to do We had a love, a love A love you don?t find everyday So don?t, don?t, don?t let it slip away. Bring back that lovin? feeling Oh that lovin? feeling Bring back that lovin? feeling ?cos it?s gone and I can?t go on.