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For Mamma (Ray Charles)

She said, "My son I beg of you I have a wish, that must come true The last thng you can do For yo' mama Please promise me that you will stay And take my place, while I'm away And give the children love each day" I had to cry, what could I say? I tried so hard to find a word I prayed she would not see me cry So much to say, that should be heard But ony time to say "Good-bye" To my mama They say in time, you will forget Yet still today, my eyes are wet And still I try to smile For my mama Now soon there'll be another Spring And I will start remembering The way she used to love to hear us sing Her favorite song, "Ave Maria" Ave Maria Then I will feel, the deepest joy Yes, for my mama And I will feel, so proud that I Made the wish come true All for my mama The family's left, I feel so numb I should've known this day would come And still I try to smile For my Mama It hurts so much to see them go They have their lives to lead, I know Now I can watch their children grow And hear, again, "Ave Maria" Ave Maria And I feel The deepest joy Yes, I'll kiss them all For my Mama And I will feel So proud that I Made the wish come true All for my Mama Still, this seems So small For all She done For me On my my, Oh my my my, Oh Mama