From the Heart (Ray Charles)

i know you've heard these word a hunder of the time before and you've been hurting so your heart...(sorry i don't know) love broke your heart and broke your life look in my eyes you'll see a love... tender and strong enough for you you can trust this love... chorus: from the heart i'm giving you everything everything from the heart i promise you that i'll be there i'll be there to love you from the heart i'm showing you're all i feel all i feel yeah from the heart from the heart i will protect you and respect you and give all you need and when you reach for love you only need to reach for me these arms will never let you down that's day... i offer you to every storm i'll keep you safe i'll keep you warm and you had no doubt you're the one i'm living for repeat chorus i'll provide the love you need just trust my touch belive in me i'll never make you cry keep this all i got with all i got inside repeat chorus