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Phat Dance (Red hot chilli peppers)

One reason why I got you for My woman is that you can do the movin' more Get you on the bed to the bathroom floor Keep it moving 'cause I need the hardcore the ghetto 'cause that's my drummer Another reason why I love your ass Your dancin' like every dance could be your last Do ya Do ya Do ya Do ya wanna dance Let's get it on like black trash I met her on the schoolyard She was such a... She took me for a fool 'Cause I acted like a bodyguard Oh Yohanna... My Yohanna... She was just the cutest thing My god, that I had ever seen Tearin' up my seratonin Messin' with my dopamine Oh Yohanna... My Yohanna... Just about the time that I was Feeling smart again She walked into the room Wearing nothing but a cardigan Oh Yohanna. My Yohanna... She knew what she was doin' When she told me... Oh oh #3 reason why I'm in your house Hot butter melts across your mouth Dancin' and a Dancin' and a Dancin' Machine Somebody move, somebody scream