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Deep in My Heart (Britney Spears)

Walking through time looking for an answer How can it be this way What have I done I just can't help but wonder How everything could change. [Chorus-1:] 'Cause you've turned my world around Since you came along, no After this love was found it seems like we can't go wrong. [Chorus-2:] Deep in my heart I know there's only you And right from the start I always knew I never let go 'Cause love you so Ohhoohh I want you for the rest of my life. Some people search what seems to be a lifetime To find a love like this And here we are With everything we wished for I never felt such bliss. [Repeat Chorus 1+2] There comes a chance in everyones life And I beleive it won't happen twice Now since I've felt the glory of love I want spend forever (And ever with you). [Repeat Chorus 2 (2 times)] Deep in my heart Deep in my heart I want you for the rest of my life I want you for the rest of my life.