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Everytime (Beltran & Stone Fantasy Remix) (Britney Spears)

[Chorus] Everytime I try to fly I fall without my wings I feel so small I guess I need you, baby And everytime I see you in my dreams I see your face, it's haunting me I guess I need you, baby Notice me Take my hand Why are we (Why are we) Strangers when Our love was strong? (Our love was strong) Why carry on without me? (Why carry on without me?) (Me, me, me) [Repeat Chorus] Oh Ooh I make believe That you are here It's the only way (It's the only way) I see clear What have I done? (What have i done?) You seem to move on easy [Repeat Chorus x2] Ohhhh. . . I may have made it rain (May have made it rain) Please forgive me My weakness caused you pain (Caused you pain) And this song's my sorry Ohhhh. . . Ooooh. . . At night I pray (I pray) That soon your face will fade away [Repeat Chorus x2] I guess I need you, baby This song's my sorry I guess I need you, baby