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Same Old Blues (Clapton Eric)

(by Eric Clapton) I'm sorry baby, but I can't afford to stay. Your good, kind treatment will worry me someday. I love you baby, but I'm gonna have to say goodbye. Woman, I got to move, I really got to fly. Same thing every morning, Tell me what's it all about. I get those same old blues every night. I miss you already, baby, more than words can say. Seems like I've been gone twenty-four hours, more like a million days. I love you baby, you know I woudn't tell you no lies. If you don't believe I love you, look at the tears standing in my eyes. Chorus Here I am back home, baby, I'm back home to stay. I love you babe, never more will I go away. I won't hurt you no more, baby, ain't gonna tell you no more lies. No more running 'round, no more phony alibis. Chorus Chorus Chorus