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by Eric Clapton Now my friend Bill was just a working lad And he liked to have his fun. He'd like to find a girl and get comfortable When his working day was done. He would spend all his money on a Friday night, Wake up in the morning broke, But he had a run in with little Lucy then; Believe me that ain't no joke. Watch out for Lucy, Though she may look frail. Say excuse me, Lucy, Darling don't you use me; I don't want to land in jail. She started out working in a cafe, Picking money up on the side. She was free and easy, everybody's friend, But she couldn't be satisfied. So now in walks Bill with his cash in his hand, His heart upon his sleeve. We tried to warn him about her ways, We never did succeed. Chorus Well, the trap was sprung for poor old Bill; You should have heard little Lucy sing "I want a Cadillac car, a beautiful home, And a thousand dollar ring." They found our hero in the gutter With a diamond ring and a gun. He'd done it for the love of Lucy And ended up on the run. Chorus Chorus