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by Jack Bruce and Pete Brown Wrapping paper in the gutter Moving slowly as the wind on the sea, (Faces calling, waves moving) In your picture on a wall of a house of old times. (Can you hear me) Can you hear me (Can you hear me) Wandering sadly? In the city, feeling pretty, Down and out and making love to you on the shore, (Ruined buildings, faces empty) In the picture as I gaze ahead and don't see (That they're calling) That they're calling. (That they're calling) Wandering sadly. Shattered windows, stairs to nowhere. (Hear you calling) Hear you calling (Hear you calling) As I wander so sadly. Wish I knew what you'd done to me; Turned me on to things I never knew. It's all broken, weeds are growing. Wish I was going home to the house by the shore (Where you loved me) Where you loved me, (Where you loved me) Loved me so sadly. Someday I'll get back, somehow I'll do it. I'll arrive there and you'll be there to meet me. (Walk together, tread the weeds down) Kiss again in the picture on the wall (Where I loved you) In the old house. (Where I loved you) Loved you so well.