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1965 Emmy Awards (Streisand Barbra)

Announcer: For outsanding individual acheivment in the area of entertainment, (Sunny please may I have the envelope?) In New York, For her outstanding performance in my name is Barbra, and Emmy award is presented to Barbra Streisand. (cheers and applause) Barbra: This is so, kind of wild, because I'm, when I was a kid, I mean a younger kid, my favorite shows on telivision were always the Oscars and the Emmys, you know, I never really cared who won, or anything like that. I used to watch how they, how he looked and how she looked, and was he drunk or was he drunk. (pause for laughter) And so, it's like a funny thing, I think I have a run in my stocking tonight of all nights. (pause for laughter) Anyway, um, I think whats so marvelous about uh, this business, this television thing you got going for ya. Uh, this is my first experience with it, and I was completely thrilled because I couldn't believe the amount of people that watch you in one given amout of time, lets say like an hour, which was my special. And, um , I figured it out that it, I'd have to work in the theater, in Funny Girl, 58 years to, um, reach the same amount of people. (applause)Thank you... and thank you Danny. Unknown man who is heard on the recording: You reel 'em in baby, Ha.