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A QUIET THING THERE WON'T BE TRUMPETS lyrics Barbra Streisand (Streisand Barbra)

When it all comes true Just the way you planned It's funny but the bells don't ring It's a quiet thing. When you hold the world In your trembling hand. You think you'd hear a choir singing But it's a quiet thing. There are no exploding fireworks Where's the roaring of the crowds Maybe it's the strange new atmosphere Way up here among the clouds There won't be trumpets or balls of fire To say he's coming, No Roman candles, no angel's choir No sound of distant drumming, He may not be the cavalier Tall and graceful, fair and strong, Doesn't matter just as long as he Comes along But not with trumpets or lightning flashing Or shining armor, He may be daring, he may be dashing Or maybe he's a farmer, I can wait, what's another day? He has lots of hills to climb And a hero doesn't come till The nick of time Don't look for trumpets or whistles tooting To guarantee him, There won't be trumpets, but sure as shooting You'll know him when you see him Don't know when, don't know where, I can't even say that I care All I know is the minute you turn And he's suddenly there You won't need trumpets There are no trumpets Who needs trumpets? Happiness comes in on tiptoe Well what d'ya know It's a quiet thing A very quiet thing