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DISNEY MEDLEY (Streisand Barbra)

[Speaking] Anyway, I usually don't talk about my private life, certainly not my love life. But there is someone that I've fallen for hook, line and sinker. Someone who gives me great joy; doesn't care who I am to the world; whether or not I have a good voice; or what my politics are...So, you don't have to speculate, it's my five year old Goddaughter, Caleigh. And Caleigh is here tonight. And she has introduced me to some of the most incredible movies that I have ever seen; one of them was "ALICE IN WONDERLAND", you remember that, Caleigh? At Christmas time? Daddy's house, what a brilliant film...The other one was "SLEEPING BEAUTY"- I mean these are films that I have never seen before - and I remember one day she sang this to me: ONCE UPON A DREAM I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream I know you, the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam [Speaking] And then I showed Caleigh "DUMBO" and "PINOCCHIO", two movies that I loved as a child... WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you If your heart is in your dream No request is too extreme When you wish upon a star As dreamers do [Speaking] And then one night, I was reading Caleigh "CINDERELLA", and I said, my favorite Disney song was from this movie. So I started to sing it, but she stopped me and said: that's not from "CINDERELLA", that's from "SNOW WHITE"! Guess what? She was right! So this is for you, Caleigh! SOME DAY MY PRINCE WILL COME Some day my prince will come Some day I'll find my love And how thrilling that moment will be When the prince of my dreams comes to me He'll whisper "I love you" And steal a kiss or two Though he's far away I'll find my love some day Some day when my dreams come true Some day we'll say and do Things we've been longing to Though he's far away I'll find my love some day The day when my dreams come true Who'll, please, make my dreams come true... [Speaking] I'd like to sing this next song for my son Jason, who's old enough to take care of himself, but it's always nice to have someone looking out for you, no matter how old you are...