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EVERYTHING (Streisand Barbra)

I want to learn what life is for I don't want much, I just want more Ask what I want and I will sing I want everything (everything) I'd cure the cold and the traffic jam If there were floods, I'd give a dam I'd never sleep, I'd only sing Let me do everything (everything) I'd like to plan a city, play the cello Play at Monte Carlo, play othello Move into the White House, paint it yellow Speak Portuguese and Dutch And if it's not too much I'd like to have the perfect twin One who'd go out as I came in I've got to grab the big brass ring So I'll have everything (everything) I'm like a child who's set free At the fun fair Every ride invites me And it's unfair Saying that I only Get my one share Doesn't seem just I could live as I must If they'd Give me the time to turn a tide Give me the truth if once I lied Give me the man who's gonna bring More of everything Then I'll have everything Everything